Core Services

Client Tailored Solutions

Novum Membranes provides a flexible and broad set of client services designed to meet any requirement. A key component of our business is commitment to promote and educate consumers about membrane materials, their applications and the pros and cons of different designs and products.

Naturally, our primary focus is to produce state-of-the-art high-quality membranes and deliver them on time to clients anywhere in the world. A variety of project delivery options are possible, and we work closely with customers to find the appropriate process. We can deliver fabricated membranes to our distributors and partners, or provide a full supply complete with extrusions, perimeters and other accessories from a single managed point.

Beyond initial supply, we also provide Facilities Management Services to assist owners and users in the long-term maintenance of their membrane investments, even if we didn’t provide the original materials.

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To help educate the market in the material, applications, fabrication and possibilities of the use of ETFE, our team is committed to providing presentations and documentation. We excel at finding project specific solutions via collaborative development. Presentations are given by our staff or we have partners and related companies in key markets. The presentations are often locally accredited. We provide comprehensive design and specification support to owners, architects, engineers and contractors. Please contact us for more information.

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Our strongest and most essential capability is the on-time fabrication of high quality ETFE membranes using state-of-the-art equipment. We have an excellent reputation for on-time delivery and are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of the process. With over 150,000m2 per annum production capacity, we can meet client expectations on time, with quality and quantity. A reconfigurable work space and excellent employee expertise and experience are essential, and our team has gained the reputation as the leading ETFE fabricator for good cause. Some of our clients have their own fixing systems and engineering and we are happy to provide just cutting and fabrication services. Other clients want a more complete supply, to which we are flexible and open.

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We have a variety of clients and always tailor our offering in accordance to their needs. Novum Membranes is a technical and supply company, not a contractor. A popular option for our contractor client-base is that we provide material supply for a complete membrane application including the technical work, the fabrication drawings, the coordination, the production and the delivery. For a more complete and full supply, we can also provide the perimeter aluminum profiles and cables. On pneumatic systems we can provide air pumps, building management hook-ups, pressure sensors, feed-pipes and more. So, a single source product supply is achieved with products arriving in a way logically, which is particularly relevant and essential in today’s fast track and JIT projects.

For projects requiring both structure and membrane coordination, we will refer you to the relevant Novum company for support.

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Building owners often face difficulty post warranty to ensure the best lifetime performance of their membrane applications. We provide post construction support services, not only on our own projects, but also on those provided by other companies. We provide detailed inspections, reports and recommend remedial actions, be it small replacements, cleaning or retrofit. We have specialized rope access skills to reach the most demanding locations and work safely. Our facilities management service is primarily focused in Northern Europe and we provide service either directly or via other Novum companies.

Some Of Our Projects

Novum Membrane Systems have uniquely different aesthetics and each one features a distinctly different approach to delivering the necessary surface tension.

No Concept Is Too Small

We’re here to help you bring your dream ideas to life, no matter how out of reach they might seem. Let’s make it happen.