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Resilient Properties

PVC-PES is a woven fabric made of polyester (PES) that is coated with polyvinylchloride (PVC). This composite material combines the best properties of each raw material. PES fibers are extraordinarily strong and make PVC-PES highly resilient. The coating material PVC is resistant against environmental conditions and protects the PES fibers against damaging UV light as well as aggressive environments.

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Color and Application

PVC-PES is versatile in both physical properties and visual appearance with a wide variety of color choices (some more stable than others, please ask advice) making it a well suited material for plenty of applications. These applications range from simple screens for exhibitions to stadium roofs.

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Fire and Light

Architecturally used PVC-PES is not easily combustible. The light transmittance is far lower than say ETFE and typically between 5% and 10%. There are some premium materials which can increase this to 50%.

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Cost Effective Fabric Solutions

Due to the wide variety of uses for PVC in commercial, industrial, residential and leisure applications the material is produced in large volumes. Hence PVC-PES is a good candidate for both small and large cost-effective coverings. It is often used in movable structures as the material folds better than many fabrics.

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There are several grades and types of PVC-PES and the expected lifetime of architectural membranes made of PVC-PES does vary with a range of up to 25 years. Typically the material fibers get exposed over time and degrade. The longevity is around 50% of ETFE.

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PVC-PES can be equipped with various protective finishes that seal the surface and protect it better from dirt adhesion. However the nature of woven material means that in architectural projects regular specialized cleaning is required to avoid damage to the fabric.

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