Selecting Membrane Material

Material Technology

Novum Membranes is a specialist fabricator for architectural membranes and has the capability to process different types of material – ETFE, PTFE, PVC, Tenara and Silicone Glass.

The fabrication process involves cutting raw materials to strict patterns which compensate for seams and form and then joining multiple small panels to make larger ones. Then, perimeter panel treatments are executed to create the finished panel ready to be shipped and fitted. Importantly, we consider different methods of packaging to best suit the finished panel sizes, material type and customer needs.

Novum Membranes has a reliable expertise in joining technologies for different materials including welding (heat contact, impulse, hot air, high frequency, ultrasonic, laser), hot gluing and even sewing.

Novum Membranes' primary focus is being the leading ETFE Membrane Fabricator in the world in terms of innovation, quality and value.

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