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Novum Membranes is a specialist fabricator of membrane materials for architectural, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications. We are a global leader in the design and fabrication of ETFE projects. Furthermore, we have strong experience in the fabrication of other membrane materials such as PTFE Glass, PVC-PES, Tenara and Silicone Glass.

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Research + Development

Our technical and production staff continually improve the manufacturing equipment and processes associated with fabricating ETFE foils. As a market leader, we are noted for enhanced design techniques to reduce wrinkling and improved welding quality and weld times. We are committed to continual improvement and the expansion of applications for ETFE membranes via R+D.

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Novum owns a highly specialized 1800m2 facility located near major highways and convenient to ports. We have a high quality, trained and experienced staff and the ability to run multiple shifts to respond to demand with a capacity to produce 150,000m2 annually. A warehouse stock of commonly used materials allows for rapid production using an industry leading work process. Our equipment features special cutting machines, multiple semi-automated welding machines, flexible work benches and specialty testing.

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Novum Membranes has an in-house engineering team for producing membrane designs, making drawings, preparing cutting lists, advising clients and performing development work. In addition, we have a close relationship with other Novum engineering teams and third-party specialists as required.

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Facilities Management

Building owners often face difficulty post-warranty to ensure the best lifetime performance of their membrane applications. We provide post-construction support services, not only on our own projects, but also on those provided by other companies. We provide detailed inspections, reports and recommend remedial actions, be it small replacements, cleaning or retrofit. We have specialized rope access skills to reach the most demanding locations and work safely. Our facilities management service is primarily focused in Northern Europe and we provide service either directly or via other Novum companies.

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